Chris Reeve Knives Inkosi Reaches New Heights

Special thanks to for providing a review unit of their exclusive Large CF Insingo Inkosi for this story.

The Chris Reeve Knives Inkosi is the latest knife to get the exclusive treatment with new Large and Small Carbon Fiber versions.

The Sebenza is a tough act to follow. All of CRK’s subsequent releases measure against that historic original, and when the Inkosi debuted in 2015 it was no exception. But it impressed users with its thoughtful tweaks to the groundwork laid by the Sebenza 25. With the release of KnifeArt’s CF Insingo exclusive, there’s never been a better time to try out the newest member of the CRK catalog. The dealer has pioneered another never-before-seen combination of blade shape and scale material that makes a convincing bid for the best version of this increasingly popular knife.

A Unique, Versatile Blade, and Durable Handle
The Insingo blade shape’s appearance on Inkosi models earlier this year was cause for celebration among CRK fans. The unusual profile, a design collaboration between Chris Reeve and Knife Art Founder Rodney Connelly, was designed to maximize everyday cutting power and has gone on to become a fan favorite.

Although the Insingo profile could be described as a sheepsfoot, it addresses two common problems of that blade style: lack of belly and low piercing power. The Insingo’s tip rises high enough to make piercing possible, and in doing so creates a curving belly for enhanced slicing. Our sample came scary sharp, and the meticulous Insingo grind helped it power through both delicate and heavy cutting chores. There’s merit in the classic Chris Reeve drop point, but the Insingo pulls ahead in terms of day-to-day utility.

A luxurious material like carbon fiber on a high-end knife seems like a recipe for a safe queen. But the Knife Art Inkosi’s CF front scale takes this full-size tool’s weight down by 20%, to just 4 oz., making it a reasonable pocket companion in any situation. But collectors and users both will appreciate the Inkosi looking so classy. The knife is handsome in plain trim but hasn’t seen much in the way of CGG runs, exotic inlays, or any other “dressier” variants like the Sebenza has. Knife Art’s carbon fiber Inkosi offers customers a dressier style without sacrificing any performance – it actually enhances it.

Carbon Fiber Done Right
It’s difficult to get carbon fiber right. Voids, warps, raggedy edges – these occur if the temperamental material isn’t manufactured and finished just right. CRK routinely sets the bar high in this regard, but this is still the best-looking carbon fiber we’ve seen yet out of the Boise, Idaho-based shop. The pattern is consistent, there are no voids, and the surface finish is gleaming, highly attractive and not overly slick.

As the Inkosi continues to gain fans, the Exclusive Carbon Fiber Insingo Inkosi should become one of the most sought-after variations. With its high-performance blade shape and materials, enhanced by world-beating feat and finish, the Knife Art Inkosi makes a great knife even better.

Knife featured in image: Exclusive Large Carbon Fiber Inkosi with Insingo Blade