Chris Reeve Knives Revives Old Tradition With New Elemental

Chris Reeve Knives (CRK) just shipped the latest in their annual special edition folders: a version of the Ti-Lock called the ‘Elemental.’ Featuring a striking and intricate milled design and a polished chunk of iron ore embedded in the handle, the knife is a technical and mechanical marvel. It’s also part of a longstanding CRK tradition: annual releases of uniquely embellished limited-edition versions of their most popular designs.

Chris Reeve Knives (CRK) first introduced the Ti-Lock, a collaboration with fellow Idahoans and knife makers Grant & Gavin Hawk, in 2010. The knife’s titular lock is a unique mechanism that uses a spring anchored in the blade rather than within the handle to secure the blade. According to CRK’s website, “The Ti-Lock is not an exercise in ultimate lock strength; it is an exercise in mechanical innovation and an illustration of a passion shared by Grant, Gavin and Chris.”

CRK has consistently set the standard for design, fit, and finish that other knives are compared to. Reeve has taken home the “Manufacturing Quality Award” at BLADE Show 14 out of the last 16 years, and the annual versions of his knives raise the bar even higher with additional machine time and finishing work. And despite the premium prices, CRK’s knives are fast sellers and knife dealers never seem to be able to get enough to satisfy the demand.

Before the Ti-Lock, it was Reeve’s famous Sebenza that received the yearly special treatment. The annual Sebenza, of which only 60 large and 60 small were made each year, featured inlays set into their handles including rare woods and even mammoth ivory. The annual Sebenzas ran from 1999 to 2011, and are highly sought-after by collectors today. The Ti-Lock has picked up where the Sebenzas left off: last year’s edition featured a milled gear pattern and an inlaid sapphire.

Instead of releasing dozens of new models each year as most knife makers do – Chris Reeve Knives has found unique success in the knife industry by refining and perfecting just a few designs, and offering them in stunning variations like 2016’s Ti-Lock Elemental.

Knife featured in image: Chris Reeve Knives Ti-Lock Elemental