Christmas is the Perfect Time to Pick Up Discontinued Benchmade Knives

Presented by: KnivesShipFree

If you’re reading this website, you probably don’t need any convincing that knives make a great Christmas gift. For knife nerds like us, a brand new folder or fixed blade under the tree is about as good as it gets. But they make amazing presents even for those who aren’t “into” cutlery. A good folder or fixed blade is the kind of gift that you hold onto, that may even become an heirloom or otherwise cherished possession – something that can’t be said for the common run of Christmas gifts.

With the curtain quickly coming down on 2018, KnivesShipFree’s year-end Benchmade Blowout provides a great last-minute opportunity to acquire some discontinued models at tempting prices. These would make a great gift to anyone you care about, or even as a Christmas present to yourself – we’re not going to judge, you’ve earned it. Here’s a few highlights from the dozens on discount:

761 Monolock
When Benchmade broke away from their Axis Lock M.O. and debuted the 761, the community wondered how Benchmade would handle a frame lock design. The answer was: with their usual aplomb. The 761 may not have rocked the earth, but it’s an undeniably solid, attractive, and useful knife, with a well-tuned lock, satisfying thumb stud deployment, and – naturally – high quality materials. In retrospect, it seems the 761 paved the way for some of Benchmade’s later ambitious models like the Anthem. If you’re into Benchmade, chances are your cursor has hovered over the “Add to Cart” button on this one more than once – make sure you check it out before it’s completely gone.

Griptilian and Mini Griptilian
What is there left to say about the Griptilian family? Benchmade’s most iconic and accessible EDC knife design just got, er, accessibler, with a recent price cut that brings its cost down into territory Benchmade hasn’t touched since the Red Class days. If you haven’t tried a Benchmade yet, or an Axis Lock, this is still the place to start, even after all these years. And what a great gift for someone who isn’t into knives as a hobby. A Griptilian will show them just how good a knife can be, and how useful a good knife truly is.

The Proxy was the last production Benchmade design from Warren Osborne, a legendary knife maker who passed away in 2016.  As you would expect from something created by a master, the Proxy just works. Although on the large size, it serves well as an EDC user, and carries relatively discreetly for a flipper of its size. One thing that might not be evident looking at pictures is the impressive amount of thoughtful detailing that went into this work-oriented knife. The milling on the front scale is mirrored on the frame lock side, creating a hand-filling, ergonomic, three-dimensional grip; and instead of a separate backspacer component, Osborne chose to make it part of the G-10 front scale itself, so maintenance is easier. It’s hard not to fall in love with the Proxy once you hold it, and now may be your last chance to discover Osborne’s quiet masterpiece.

This list could go on and on – we wanted to give write-ups to the no-nonsense Freek, the Protagonist fixed blade, and even the shockingly new SOCP folder as well, but time and space prevented us from doing so. Be sure to visit KnivesShipFree’s Benchmade Closeouts page for the full list. You still have time to get your orders in before Christmas, and through tomorrow KSF is offering free priority upgrade shipping on all orders over $99.

Knives featured in image: Benchmade Mini Griptilian, 761 Monolock, Tanto Griptilian