Civivi Elementum Set to Debut in Scaled-up Button Lock Variant

The Civivi Elementum, one of the brand’s most popular models, is getting a major line expansion this month, in the form of a Button Lock variant. The Button Lock Elementum does more than swap out the opening mechanism, however, with changes to the steel, blade, and handle as well.

Originally released in 2019, the original Elementum is coming up on its second birthday. Something about the knife’s simple appearance, affordability, and well-rounded EDC capabilities spoke to the community, and the little liner lock Elementum continues to be one of, if not the, most popular Civivi models to date. Compared to the original, the Button Lock Elementum is a larger knife. The standard Elementum had a 2.9-inch blade, but this model scales things up to 3.47 inches – enough extra cutting edge to expand its capabilities without pushing it out of the EDC size class. Civivi moved away from D2 steel on this one, too, outfitting it with stainless 14C28N instead.

It’s also worth noting that the Button Lock here replaces the original’s flipper entirely: users open the knife by depressing the button and flicking their wrist. Disengagement works just as you’d expect, with a press of the button freeing the blade, which can then be closed with a finger or by another wrist flick.

The Button Lock Elementum’s handle has a simple, rounded shape that will be familiar to owners of the liner lock version – although here, the scales are not cut away on the butt end to reveal a lanyard hole. The deep carry pocket clip hasn’t changed, but is now able to be swapped to the other scale for lefties. The Button Lock Elementum being a bit heavier too, weighing 3.38 oz. compared to liner lock’s 2.89 oz.

The Button Lock Elementum is set to be available with multiple different handle scales, including canvas Micarta, G-10, and, for those who want to fancy it up a bit, a couple different flavors of shredded carbon fiber. The CF models also come with damascus blades. Civivi says that the Button Lock Elementum will be available on April 19th, but the knife is up for preorder in several places.

Knife in Featured Image: Civivi Button Lock Elementum