Civivi Packs Knife and Driver Wheel into Compact Carabiner Multitool

Civivi is expanding its multitool lineup with the addition of the Polymorph. Named after a famous Dungeons & Dragons spell, the Polymorph is a carabiner-based multitool with more functions than any previous Civivi release in the genre.

One way you could describe the Polymorph is as a combination of the Civivi Click, a carabiner with a bottle opener and screwdriver built in, and the Mandate, a utility knife that came out last year. It takes the titanium carabiner format of the former, adds in an entire sliding utility razor rig onto its frame.

This rig looks to be more or less identical to the one on the Mandate, although the blades themselves are smaller. It is operated with a button slide: pushing down and forward deploys the blade, pushing down and back retracts it. As on the Mandate, the blades themselves have to be ordered from a Civivi dealer rather than picked up at a local hardware store. The advantage to this is that the blades can be made made from 9Cr18MoV steel, which, while it isn’t setting the knife world on fire, is certainly a step up from the typical utility knife blade steel recipes.

There’s another unusual, headlining feature on the Polymorph’s back end. A rotating wheel with five different drivers on it (flathead, Phillips, Allen, and two different Torx) provide multiple bit options without necessitating the separate, detachable bits often seen on one piece-ish multitools. Civivi also found just enough space to add in a hex wrench and lanyard hole cutouts between the driver wheel and the carabiner latch.

The Polymorph with the blade retracted

The multitool arena is not one that Civivi (or parent company We Knife Co., for that matter) has explored extensively; releases in this category have been sporadic up until now. Besides the Click, Civivi also put out the MT-1, which combines a contactless door opener and button pushing tool with a bottle opener.

Like the Mini Asticus and the Appalachian Drifter II, the Polymorph has been given an August release date, so it is still at least a month away.

Featured Image: Civivi Polymorph

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