CJRB Brings Multifunctional Breeze Project to Kickstarter

Like most of its peers, Artisan Cutlery is in the thick of a new year’s release blitz; but even with all the new stuff rolling out, the company found the time to launch a Kickstarter for the Breeze, its take on the enthusiast-friendly utility knife concept.

Kickstarter has been kind to knives in general, but perhaps no format has benefited from the crowdfunding platform more than the humble utility knife. While the utility knife may once have gone unnoticed by the cutlery cognoscenti, it now gets regularly treated to fancied up, enthusiast-friendly variations that go far beyond the humble Stanley in terms of material and design. And while you usually see new knife shops creating these utility knives as a way to get their name and style out there, it’s interesting to see CJRB, an established, big-name company, take a crack at the format.

There are a variety of Breezes on the way

The Breeze seems designed to offer maximal utility in a minium amount of space. Shaped line an oval, 3.1 inches in length and just .37 inches thick, it’s a tiny tool indeed. The main draw is the replaceable utility razor. There are a slew of differently deploying utility knives out there; the Breeze uses a combination button slide/lock mechanism: slide the blade out to the desired length with the large button on the show side, then lock it into place with the twist tab on the back side. As is usually the case with utility knife designs, you can freely swap in different blades of different materials and purpose to suit your particular needs.

Part of the appeal of the Breeze is that it’s actually a multifunction utility knife. Its small frame also includes a hex bit driver, a bottle opener, and a measuring implement (obviously limited by the overall size of the thing). You can also choose what material you want your Breeze in; for those interested in the lightest version possible there’s the combination aluminum/titanium Breeze, which weighs a mere 1.41 oz.; a full titanium flavor tips the scales at 1.6 oz., and, if you want to save a little money and gain some wait, the stainless steel model is cheapest and heaviest at 2.65 oz.

The Breeze’s campaign has already reached its funding goal and then some, but you can still support the project and get Early Bird pricing through March 16th, 2024. The Breeze is expected to start shipping in April.

Knife in Featured Image: CJRB Breeze

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