CJRB Gets Scoria Slicer Ready for Blade Show 2021

Blade Show 2021 is right around the corner after its 2020 COVID-19 hiatus, and CJRB has shown off at least one of the knives they will be debuting in Atlanta next month. The knife, called the Scoria, is an EDC blade designed with slicing in mind.

The Scoria is an in-house design from the Artisan/CJRB team. These designers have already showcased quite a bit of range: recently we’ve seen work in more flamboyant styles like the Tigris, but they’re also are capable of pulling things back for simple, utilitarian models like the Feldspar. The Scoria falls into that latter category, and almost seems like a spiritual successor to the Feldspar, with a similar emphasis on clean, intuitive lines. It’s just a skoche smaller than the Feldspar, with a drop point blade measureing 3.48 inches – still a goodly amount of cutting edge for just about any reasonable EDC chore. CJRB’s explicit purpose when designing the Scoria was to create a very slicey knife; they note that the blade grind on this model is particularly thin, so if food prep with a folder is your thing the Scoria may be a good choice.

It’s also a good choice if you want to sample one of the newest blade steels on the cheap. CJRB is giving the Scoria AR-RPM9, the proprietary powder metallurgy recipe that CJRB parent company Artisan created specifically for its budget releases. The Feldspar was strictly a thumb stud opener; the Scoria keeps the thumb studs while also adding in a flipper tab. Like most CJRB (and Artisan) models, the Scoria’s pivot runs on a ceramic ball-bearing system; CJRB says that the fidget factor was a priority on this one as well.

A simple handle rounds out the Scoria package. There’s one shallow finger groove beneath the guard, and the handle tapers to a rounded butt end. Scale options – at this point – are Micarta, G-10, and carbon fiber laminate, and the sculpted titanium pocket clip is reversible. The Scoria will be appearing in prototype form at Blade Show 2021, so some things may still be subject to change.

Speaking of changes, CJRB got the first fixed blade in its lineup recently in the form of the Dylan Mallery-designed Silax, a transfer student from the main Artisan line.

Knife in Featured Image: CJRB Scoria