CKF and Alexy Konygin Renovate the T90 for 2019

Custom Knife Factory and Alexy Konygin are back at it again with the T14, an updated version of their previously-released T90 knife. The overall lines and materials have been changed for the new model compared to its predecessor.

The original T90 was a characteristically large flipper knife from CKF; the new T14 is actually a bit larger overall, adding about a tenth of an inch to the blade length. The blade now measures 4.17 inches long and is made from M390 steel. The overall shape of that blade has been mostly preserved: a modified sheepsfoot with a gradual curving belly reaching out to an acute tip. Some rounded-over jimping has been added to the base of the blade spine for additional traction.

The handle profile has been redrawn and given extra chamfering, which works in tandem with the new flipper tab to make the knife more comfortable to hold and use. “The tab is now smaller and more ergonomic. and also features jimping for a flawless and comfortable flipping action,” says CKF’s Mike Kulygin.

Additional milling, including three-dimensional cutouts where there were once just surface lines, add visual interest to the T14 too. The clip, now shorter and wider than the T90’s, is attached with hidden hardware; and speaking of hardware, the pivot screw now sports a copper collar.

All of these changes add up to what Kulygin thinks of as a different knife than its predecessor. “Overall the T14 is one of the best CKF tactical knives (if not the best),” He says. “We call it the new T90, but there has been a significant amount of work and re-designing to keep the overall shape and profile similar, yet improve each and every aspect of the knife to meet 2019 standards.”

Konygin is a stalwart collaborator for CKF; recently he was behind the Sukhoi-3 and the Krokar hawkbill folder. Kulygin says that Konygin’s facility with efficient construction and standout style made the T90 and its sequel a hit. “They are popular because of the simple and genius construction. It is simple and practical with only 2 screws.” The type of hardware even echoes the type seen on Konygin’s custom pieces. “The signature Konygin hardware can be opened simply with a large flathead screwdriver.”

According to Custom Knife Factory, each serial numbered T90 will come with a bunch of additional fixings at no added cost: spare parts, another clip, and an additional pivot ring as well.

Knife in Featured Image: Custom Knife Factory T14