CKF and Tashi Bharucha Bring out New Justice Collab

Custom Knife Factory‘s newest collaboration is with maker Tashi Bharucha. The Justice is an highly premium, integral production knife that blends Bharucha’s bold shapes with CKF’s penchant for just plain big knives.

While Bharucha’s work definitely contains big blades, he’s probably recognized less by a particular size class than from his specific visual style. Bharucha creates knives with very stylish, strong lines and pointed angles – and these traits are present and accounted for on the Justice from tip to tail.

The blade shape is a broad tanto, running to 4.02 inches in length. This is a somewhat modified tanto as well, with the secondary edge showcasing quite a bit of curve and the primary edge every so slightly recurved. The blade steel is CKF’s super steel of choice, M390; here, it has been given a hand rubbed finish to echo the kind of work seen on Bharucha’s custom pieces. Many customers will probably think their Justice is too pretty to use, but the multifaceted blade shape and high performance steel definitely guarantee serious performance for those who want to turn it into a user.

Ergonomically, this is a handle that any follower of Bharucha’s work will recognize. The arching shape ends with a pronounced point, and a large two-finger groove has been cut into the underside of the handle. Sweeping chamfers and textured millwork help complete the techincal look on display here, and a zirconium bolster inlay offsets the deep bronze luster of the anodization job. The single piece integral titanium handle ensures the Justice is almost entirely devoid of hardware on the show side; and of course, it locks up with a frame lock, which is sporting the usual stainless steel insert.

The integral construction does help to counteract the natural increase in weight that comes with such a sizable blade; that being said, the Justice is still a hefty boy at 6.62 oz. It is carried with a sculpted titanium clip, which has been given texturing that lines up with the milling on the handle beneath.

As with all CKF releases, the Justice will be limited – this time to just 200 pieces. CKF says to expect the knife to drop “soon.” And as far as other Bharucha releases, they’re already teasing the possibility of a smaller version of the Justice: “Maybe we will make a smaller one later, if you want,” the company wrote on their IG page.

Knife in Featured Image: Custom Knife Factory Justice 2.0