Cold Steel Knives Add to Hollywood Credits in Savage Dog

Cold Steel Knives continues to rack up film credits, with the appearance of the Espada XL in the upcoming action movie Savage Dog. With its decades-long ties to Hollywood, the company’s gun trainers were also used to help film Atomic Blonde, which opens later this month.

The Espada XL will make an anachronistic appearance in Savage Dog, a film set in a time even before the Buck 110 existed. Taking place in 1959, the independent action movie tells the story of a boxer forced to fight his way out of a labor camp in Indochina. You can see the gargantuan folder in the trailer (shown below starting at 1:19) and, in a first for the Espada XL, front and center on the movie poster itself.

Cold Steel’s gun trainers played a pivotal role during the production of Atomic Blonde, an action movie starring Charlize Theron. The cast utilized them in the filming of the movie’s fight scenes. According to Robert Vaughn of Cold Steel R&D, the company has a longstanding relationship with 87Eleven Action Design, which provided fight and stunt coordination for Atomic Blonde. “We’ve provided product to them over the years, and that’s how our Counter Tac I and Safe Maker I made it into John Wick: Chapter 2.”

Over the years, Cold Steel has amassed dozens of credits for its knives and other products on TV shows and in films. Their Axe Gang Hatchet recently took center stage in a pivotal scene in season 7 of AMC’s The Walking Dead. But Cold Steel knives have been turning up on film for more than twenty years. A Safe Keeper II made appeared in the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger flick Total Recall, for instance. Cold Steel knives have even made their way into video games. A virtual Rifleman’s Hawk turned up in the blockbuster action-adventure game Red Dead Redemption.

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Vaughn tells us Cold Steel enjoys seeing their blades on the big screen and elsewhere. “We love it! It’s always cool to see celebrities we’re fans of working with our products first hand.” He goes on to explain that Cold Steel’s knives are so prolific in media that the company isn’t always aware of their latest cameos. “If we haven’t directly worked with the show or film’s production company in pre-production, sometimes we’ll find out from our customers who reach out via social media.”

You can see the Cold Steel Espada XL (and the rest of the cast) in Savage Dog when it opens on August 4th. Atomic Blonde premieres on July 28th.

Knife featured in image: Cold Steel Espada XL