Community Rallies to Aid Knife Makers Affected by Harvey

Midwest Knifemakers Supply has started a relief fund to help Texas-based knife makers affected by Hurricane Harvey. “Those makers that depend on knife making as their primary income can use our help as a community,” says Tracy Mickley, Owner of Midwest Knifemakers Supply. “This is about doing the right thing and about helping people in need.”

The company is collecting and matching donations, up to a total of $2,000, and redistributing them as $250 gift cards for their online supply store, USA Knife Maker. Each card will go to a full-time knife maker in Texas who has been affected by Harvey to help them replace materials lost in the storm.

The fund has already reached over half of its goal. Although Mickley is only able to match up to $2,000, all donations exceeding that number still go towards additional gift cards. Mickley is also accepting donations of knife making materials to pass along, and makers across the world are preparing custom knives to be auctioned or otherwise sold to raise additional funds in the long days of recovery to come.

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As it moved across Texas, Hurricane Harvey resulted in 30 casualties and set a record for total rainfall from a single storm in the continental US. According to experts, upwards of 30% of Harris County, Texas is flooded. Harvey is expected to be the costliest natural disaster in US history, with estimated damages of $160 billion.

If you want to help the Harvey Knifemaker Relief fund you can make a donation here. A forum thread tracking the fundraising progress and distribution of the proceeds can be found here.

Knife featured in image: 100th Knife by Dennis Morland

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