Condor 2020 Catalog Includes New Folder and Plenty of Fixed Blades

Condor Tool & Knife dropped a characteristically hefty catalog of new for 2020 models. This year’s releases include a folding knife extension to the Blue River line and a bevy of fixed blades suited to many different outdoor uses. Here are some selections from the new for 2020 Condor lineup.

Blue River Hunter Folder

Condor has been getting more comfortable with the folding knife format recently. In 2019 they dropped the Krakatoa, and this year the Blue River Hunter is on its way. It has a 3.02-inch drop point blade is made from 440C. opens with a thumb stud, and has a liner lock. In keeping with the Blue River line’s styling, it has walnut wood scales with reconstituted turqouise inlay band.

Bushcraft Bliss

The Bushcraft Bliss is, of course, a bushcraft knife, albeit one that breaks from a hyper-traditional interpretation of the form. Its handle scales are made of red Micarta and highly contoured. Furthermore, Condor skipped a traditional scandi grind for the Bliss’s 4.8-inch drop point blade. Instead, they gave it a flat grind and a jimped thumb ramp. The Bliss is made from 1075, comes with a Kydex sheath, and is a full tang knife.

Blue Havoc

Like Bushcraft Bliss, the Blue Havoc spices up older fixed blade precepts with modern flourishes. It has 5.5-inch drop point blade, also made from 1075, and a handle that comes with a pronounced finger guard and major ergonomic contouring. The scales are a mix of paper Micarta for the “bolster” and blue/black Micarta for the main portion.

Lost Roman

Once again Condor turned to ancient knife history for a new release. The slender Lost Roman is based off of an ancient cutting tool found in an archaeological dig in one of London’s lost river beds. The Lost Roman has no finger guard, with its hourglass-shaped handle running seamlessly into a 4.9-inch clip/trailing point blade.

King Kukri Machete

The King Kukri fits right into the classic Condor outdoor knife tradition, but with royal proportions: a massive chopper, it has a 12.6-inch blade made from impact-resistant 1075 steel. While light weight is obviously not being emphasized on the King Kukri, it’s 1075 blade does have a large fuller cut into the blade. Condor gave this giant knife a leather sheath for carry.

Camp Chef

Condor tapped Julio Diez of Diez Knives (who also designed the new for 2020 Talon) for this one. The Camp Chef arrives optimized for food prep at the camp site. The 6.4-inch blade blends western kitchen knife lines with outdoor knife materials and dimensions. A pot hook cutout has been incorporated on the Camp Chef’s spine, and it comes with a Kydex sheath.

Knife in Featured Image: Condor Blue River Hunter Folder