Condor Hauls Huge New Lineup to Blade Show 2017

Condor Booth

Condor Tool & Knife is capitalizing on its growing popularity by introducing an array of interesting new products for 2017. More than a dozen new models are on their way; with unusual interpretations of classic tools, additions to their Primitive series including their first folding knife, and a revival of the Bowie.

Designed by outdoor survival expert Joe Flowers, the Yoshimi Machete is a brush-cutting tool with a heaping helping of Japanese swordsmith style. A nearly 20-inch, 1075 carbon steel tanto blade will stand out in any outdoor loadout.

Yoshimi Machete

The Moonshiner, another Flowers design, is a hefty 9-inch chopper with a wide drop point blade and a large swedge. The swedge is unsharpened but it looks like it could be quite easily turned into a secondary edge if the mood strikes.


But the interesting designs weren’t confined to big knives. The NeoNecker’s sub-3-inch blade can only be described as a modified Nessmuk, and looks like it could serve as a great backup knife in the wilderness or even as a fixed blade EDC if that’s your thing.


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Condor Primitive Knives
Condor’s Primitive knife line features extremely simple, rustic designs. The Primitive Sequoia takes this theme to another level with some primitive-style figuring on the blade itself. It looks like it could have been swiped out of a frontier museum case, but with a full tang construction, Micarta handle scales, and full-bellied 8-inch blade it’s definitely meant to be a user.

Primitive Sequoia

Condor is known for its fixed blades but it’s moving into the folder game with the Primitive Bush Folder. It isn’t likely to win over modern folder fans, but there is definitely nothing else out there like it. Meant to be carried in an leather belt pouch which comes with the knife, the teardrop-shaped liner lock Bush Folder has a 2.25-inch blade that opens with two hands like a traditional. The back scale is made from aluminum and has a bow drill socket drilled into it.

Primitive Bush Folder

Condor Bowies
The Undertaker Bowie is an over-the-top 10-inch tool with a classic coffin-shaped handle. If you’re looking for a more military-style Bowie knife, the Operator might be the Condor for you. It has a black powder-coated blade with a dramatic swedge and comes with a Kydex sheath.

Condor Bowies

Knife featured in image: Condor Primitive Sequoia