Cops Caught Bladeless in Graphic Body Cam Videos


EDITOR’S NOTE: In a surprising coincidence, we have confirmed that the officers involved in this story belonged to the same police station and were colleagues of Columbus, Georgia cop turned knife maker, Austin McGlaun – who we interviewed as part of KnifeNews’ KnifeCops Series.

In a dramatic incident captured by Columbus Police body cameras, the driver of a vehicle attempted to flee while talking to Police. On Tuesday, three Police Officers were injured in the incident including one Officer who was dragged by the suspect’s out of control vehicle. The car can be seen crashing into a single story residence. A Police Officer then ran toward the vehicle and can be seen firing three shots at the suspect still in the vehicle.  The man suffered a single gunshot wound to the leg.

While waiting for ambulances to arrive on the scene, officers tried to apprehend the suspect, but couldn’t because he was caught in his seatbelt.

The audio indicates that none of the officers on the scene were carrying a knife:

“Who’s got a knife?” a female police officer can be heard asking.
“I don’t gotta knife on me,” the male officer who fired the shots replied.
“Give me a knife. Someone get me a knife,” another male officer said.

After failing on several attempts to free the suspect, the conversation continued:

“Just wait, just let me get a knife. Just let me get a knife,” the female officer repeated.
“Somebody f**king rip this God damn thing!” a male officer exclaimed in frustration.
“You got a knife?” a male officer then asked.
“You got a knife?” the female officer asked again.

“We can’t get him out.”

The suspect was subsequently arrested and taken to a nearby hospital.


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