CRKT Adds New for 2018 Products to Online Catalog

Starting yesterday, CRKT began adding a slew of new for 2018 models to their online catalog. More than 20 products have emerged, running the gamut from folding knives to fixed blades, and even a multitool designed for automotive techs.

There’s no shortage of new blood on the designer side as the Tualatin, Oregon company enlists the help of fresh talent to keep the new offerings as eclectic as ever. First-time, CRKT Collaborators include TJ Schwarz, Dew Hara, Richard Rodgers, and Eric Ochs.

CRKT is also expanding its award-winning Field Strip technology that until now has been seen only on the Homefront and its variants.

CRKT HVAS: Jesper Voxnaes’ Pilar design stole the show in CRKT’s 2017 catalog, routinely selling out and going on to become one of the year’s best-selling knives. His latest collaboration is the HVAS, which takes signature styling of his Batum series and upgrades it with Field Strip technology. Designed to be an all-purpose outdoor folder, the HVAS comes equipped with a 3.3-inch blade made from 1.4116 stainless steel.


CRKT Raikiri: Designer Dew Hara styled the second 2018 Field Strip folder after a legendary Japanese sword, and with sturdy aluminum scales and a 3.7-inch 1.4116 steel blade, the Raikiri certainly has tactical potential. Its modified wharncliffe shape will be no slouch in the utility department either.

CRKT Raikiri

CRKT Gōken: Martial artist James Williams is no stranger to CRKT collaborations. He’s the man behind the Heiho and Otanashi Noh Ken folders, and the new Gōken takes the aggressive styling of that knife and mixes in Field Strip technology. Its long tanto blade keys the Gōken into self-defense and fighting roles.

CRKT Gōken

CRKT Offbeat: Originating in a design by Pat Crawford from 1979, the Offbeat utilizes the Crawford Lockback mechanism. A spring steel arm falls into a notch cut into the spine of the blade. It provides lockup that increases in security during use, held firmly in place by a natural user grip. Similar Crawford-designed locks have been seen on occasion in the production world but rarely at this price point.

CRKT Offbeat

CRKT Largo: The Eric Ochs-designed Largo sports the Outburst assisted-opening mechanism and an integrated bottle opener on its spine. Outside of the embellishments, it’s a straightforward EDC cutter, with a 2.5-inch 5Cr15MoV blade. Black-coated hardware accents its stainless steel frame.

CRKT Largo

CRKT Terrestrial: Like the Largo above, the Terrestrial is an Ochs design. More traditional-looking than its little brother, it’s a mid-sized liner lock IKBS flipper with a 3.35-inch 8Cr13MoV blade. The G-10 scales and large forward finger choil should make it an ergonomic tool in a wide variety of situations.

CRKT Terrestrial

CRKT Williwaw: This knife’s unusual name complements a striking design by maker Jim Hammond. The Williwaw’s stainless steel scales are turned into something special with a dark stonewash and extensive sculpting. The stylish approach continues onto the sinous 8Cr13MoV recurve blade, which measures-in at a user-friendly three inches.

CRKT Williwaw

CRKT Radic: Ken Steigerwalt’s latest CRKT design merges style and substance, with a 3.3-inch, 8Cr13MoV modified sheepsfoot blade, contoured G-10 scales, and full stainless liners. Despite its modern, gentlemanly look the Radic fires out on the Outburst assisted-opening mechanism.

CRKT Radic

CRKT Caligo: Rising star TJ Schwarz puts his name on a full production knife with the release of the Caligo. It hits the EDC role just right with a 3.1-inch 8Cr14MoV cutting edge. Schwarz lets his penchant for advanced yet clean visuals shine through with a blacked-out look, streamlined hunter-style blade, and restrained blue pivot collar accent.

CRKT Caligo

CRKT Cuatro and Maven: Richard Rogers contributes this pair of straightforward working knives. The Cuatro is the smaller knife with a 3.2-inch blade, while the Maven’s consumes 3.6 inches of real estate. Both knives have G-10 scales, IKBS flippers, 8Cr14MoV steel, and a utility-driven look.

CRKT Cuatro

CRKT Maven

New M16 Versions: Three new versions of CRKT’s foundational product, the Kit Carson-designed M16 are inbound. The new 02KS, 03KS, and 04KS variants sport blade lengths of 3.1 inches, 3.6 inches, and 3.9 inches respectively. In terms of budget steel CRKT tries something new here, with all three knives made from 12C27.

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Forged by War:

CRKT turned to retired Sergeant Major Darrin Sirois, creator of the Sangrador fixed blade, for two new Forged by War models. The RASP folder offers a specialized blade, catering to rescue-style cutting chores. Dubbed a “Warn Clip” by its creator, the blade is 3.6 inches long and made of AUS-8 steel. Sirois rounded out the package with a full stainless steel frame lock chassis.


Sirois’ fixed blade release, drawn up in conjunction with fellow maker Chris Williams, is the SiWi. A stout 3.4-inch EDC fixed blade, the SiWi comes with the powder-coated SK5 carbon steel seen on other Forged By War fixed blades like the Rakkasan and the Clever Girl. It features G-10 scales and comes with a Kydex sheath.


Multitools and More:

CRKT tapped Glenn Klecker to design what will become the only full-size multitool in their current lineup. The Technician, as the name implies, is optimized for automotive techs. It incorporates 12 different tools including needlenose pliers and a magnetic pick-up device to help snag stray bits.

A new one-piece multitool, the Pryma, is also on the way.

Elmer Roush is introducing two more axes into the CRKT lineup, the Nordic-style Freyr and the carry-friendly Pack Axe. The Scrub is a small, easy-to-conceal self-defense blade, and Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical offers up the KUK, a full-size, Kukri-style machete.

Knife featured in image: CRKT Raikiri

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