CRKT Brings Kaila Cumings on Board for U.S.-Made Fixed Blade

CRKT just showed the latest knife in its new for 2023 U.S. made series. This time (and for the first time) it’s a fixed blade, one called the Bugsy, a stylish, stout, and compact outdoors knife design from maker Kaila Cummings.

In addition to her work as a customer maker, Cumings is a survivalist. She appeared on the Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid show back in 2017, and again on Naked and Afraid XL in 2022. So it’s probably no coincidence that the Bugsy makes a great, small footprint companion knife for sojourns in the wilderness. Its blade length comes in at 3.78 inches, with a bellied-out geometry that gives it a lot of raw cutting power. Then there’s that big harpoon-style swedge, which looks cool and beefs up the Bugsy’s tip for robust piercing capability.

The serrated Bugsy has a Cerakote blade and Kydex sheath

The Bugsy comes in two variations. There’s the plain edge variant which has a stonewash finish, and a combination edge model with a black Cerakote and a run of Veff serrations at the base of the blade. Both Bugsy models are made from 1095 carbon steel, an enduring favorite for outdoors fixed blades, not to mention CRKT’s OEM partner for this particular blade – but more on that below.

A trio of scallops divide the Bugsy’s grip into three regions, locking the fingers in place. To fill out the hand, hefty slabs of phenolic are attached to the full tang frame – either brown Micarta for the stonewash/plain edge version, or black G-10 on for the black coated/serrated flavor. Despite its relative thickness, the Bugsy weighs a pretty spry 4.3 oz., and comes with a leather (plain edge) or Kydex (serrated) sheath.

If you’ve been following CRKT this year, you’ll know they have a new initiative focused on US-made knives. They kicked off the project with the Crossbar Lock folders, made in collaboration with Hogue Knives. The Bugsy, however, is a collab with a different OEM, who you may be able to identify based on the materials in use here: it’s none other than TOPS Knives, the hard use fixed blade shop based in Idaho.

The Bugsy will be available soon.

Knife in Featured Image: CRKT Bugsy

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