CRKT Celebrates NKD with Three New Models

CRKT surprise-released a trio of knives to celebrate the biggest day of the year, National Knife Day. Two sequels to prior models and a new folder from Deadbolt designer Flavio Ikoma tempt with refined designs and new to CRKT steels.


Flavio Ikoma is the mechanical mastermind who designed the pivot-based Deadbolt lock; other CRKT collaborators have made knives with it, but the Deadbolt-sporting Bot comes from the mind of the mechanism’s original creator. The Bot has a tiny but wide 2.21-inch blade, done up in a modified wharncliffe shape with an organic style and tons of straightforward utility.

Interestingly, the steel here on this assisted opening flipper is AUS-10. This isn’t a super rare steel in general, but one that is new to the current CRKT lineup – and implemented on the release below as well.


Knife maker Jim Hammond returns to his P.S.D. model for this shortened sequel. We say “sequel,” but frankly this looks like an entirely different model, with a blade that is not only shorter (3 inches compared to 3.6 inches), but with a revised shape and a handle that, while smaller compared to its predecessor’s, still remains wide enough to keep this one in the working knife category that earned it its name (P.S.D. stands for Particle Separation Device, obviously).

As mentioned above, the blade steel on the P.S.D. II is AUS-10, which we’ll say is a notable bump up from the original’s 4116.


Jim Hammond’s acronymania continues with the A.B.C, which stands, not for Always Be Cutting as we guessed, but All Bases Covered. This is actually a folding riff on an old, discontinued fixed blade knife, with a resized 3.4-inch blade compared to the 3.75 fixie original. A tanto shape with a partially Veff-serrated edge, it opens with a spring assist and folds into an oversized, tactically-oriented handle. The blade steel here is 12C27N instead of the AUS-10 of its two compeers.

All three CRKT models are available now.

Knife in Featured Image: CRKT Bot

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