CRKT Knives Available Ahead of SHOT Show 2018

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In October, CRKT surprised the knife community by revealing their new for 2018 lineup months ahead of schedule. And, even before we’ve had a chance to start our SHOT Show 2018 Knives Newsfeed coverage next week, the company has already made their products available for purchase through dealers like The massive industry event is the standard launching pad for new knives from most of the biggest brands with dealers often placing orders on the SHOT Show floor in Las Vegas.

“CRKT is known for innovation and not just in our knives,” Douglas Flagg, Vice President of Marketing & Innovation at CRKT, tells us. According to Flagg, the new release schedule follows the practice of other major Oregon-based companies like Nike and Adidas, who have streamlined production processes and downtime between reveal and delivery. “We’ve significantly reduced the delivery time between announcing the new products and actually shipping them.”

Last year some new CRKT products didn’t hit the market until the March-June window, many months after their first announcement. “Market forces demand earlier cycle entry to secure interest and opportunities,” Flagg explains. “E-commerce has revolutionized the market and this innovative step is a reaction to the new reality. If a specific knife design peaks your interest, you should be able to instantly make the purchase.”

Here’s our guide to the new knives to help you jump in on this first batch of 2018 CRKT products.

New Field Strip Models
Ken Onion’s latest innovation in knife tech impressed on the Homefront in 2016 and ’17. Now other designers are getting in on the feature. Jesper Voxnaes drew up the HVAS, Dew Hara contributed the angular and tactical Raikiri, and martial artist James Williams brings the Gōken to the table.

Ruger also received its first Field Strip model in 2018, the Matthew Lerch-designed RTD.

New Designers
Multiple first-time CRKT collaborators are adding their unique voices to the catalog. Rising star TJ Schwartz’s Caligo design marks the first full production knife for the young maker. Richard Rogers put out two robust offerings, the Maven and Cuatro, for those in search of simple, practical cutting tools. Erich Ochs went for sweeping blade shapes with the Largo and the Terrestrial.

Returning Favorites
It isn’t all new names in the 2018 lineup, though. Returning mainstay Ken Steigerwalt leverages the Outburst assisted-opening mechanism for the Radic. Jim Hammond, the very first outside collaborator to work with CRKT, is back with the sinuous Williwaw. Legendary designer Pat Crawford’s unique Crawford Lockback mechanism comes to us in the appropriately-named Offbeat.

In the Ruger line, Matthew Lerch’s LCK takes cues from straight razors and incorporates them into a tactical-flavored package. Ken Onion’s Windage model implements the spine-riding clip first seen on the Swindle. MJ Lerch’s new High-Brass model hits a mid-size footprint. The Over-Bore takes its place as the smallest folder in the Ruger lineup. The Trajectory is an Outburst model for those who enjoy spring-assist opening. Bill Harsey’s Accurate fixed blade gets transformed into a plus-size folder too.

Major M16 Upgrades
CRKT has a massive catalog but the M16 stands out as arguably their flagship product. The company gave this venerable blade a major upgrade with a trio of new models. The M16-02KS, -03KS, and -04KS all enjoy better 12C27 steel and improved phosphor bronze washers. “We’ve distilled the M16 line to its core and by the feedback we’ve received so far from the customer base, the interest in the classic M16 line remains strong,” Flagg tells us.

Forged By War
The veterans-focused Forged By War program grew with a new folder and fixed blade. The Rasp looks like nothing else you’ve seen before, with a unique recurve blade designer Darrin Sirois calls the Warn Clip. Sirois also drew up the more conventional-looking SiWi, a simple, small fixed blade made from SK5 carbon steel.

Axes, Fixed Blades, and Odds & Ends
Blacksmith Elmer Rousch contributed the Pack Axe and Freyr for outdoorsmen, two simple carbon steel axes that will get the job done. Another fixed blade release fall at opposite ends of the spectrum: the small, easy-to-conceal Scrub is tactical and practical.

Ruger’s single new fixed blade is the diminutive Carbine. This neck-knife style offering clocks in with a sub-2-inch cutting edge.

CRKT also juiced its non-knife offerings with the Pryma pry tool, and the Technician, a new multitool designed for auto mechanics.

Knife featured in image: CRKT SiWi