New Line of Gun Inspired Knives: CRKT Partners with Ruger

“Pairing with an iconic American brand like Ruger was simply a no-brainer,” said CRKT Chairman of the Board and Founder, Rod Bremer.  The company just announced a new line of eleven knives under the brand name Ruger Knives.  Ruger isn’t hiding the fact that CRKT is behind the blades – the CRKT brand features prominently in Ruger’s marketing of the knives which are marked with both the Ruger and CRKT names on opposite sides of the blades.

Two Companies, One Purpose

Ruger was founded in 1949 in a Connecticut machine shop, and has since become the number one producer of handguns in America.  Much like CRKT, it’s known for offering quality products at an affordable price point.  The partnership was natural as the two companies share a purpose: to bring ”affordable, rugged and reliable products to our consumer base,” said Ruger President and COO, Chris Killroy.  Bremer echoed the sentiment saying: “the parallels between how Ruger and CRKT serve the marketplace are uncanny.”

Take Design Cues from Firearms

The knives were designed by knife makers including Ryan M. Johnson, Bill Harsey, Matthew Lerch, Robert Carter, and Ken Steigerwalt but take design cues from iconic Ruger firearms. The tiger-stripe grip pattern on Ruger’s classic American Rifles is also found on the Steigerwalt-designed Crack Shot knife.  And the Lerch-designed Follow-Through model has a checkered, ‘double diamond’ grip which mirrors a 1911 handgun.  The pivot hardware on several of the knives also resemble the 6-chambered cylinder of a revolver.


A partnership with Ruger has the potential to bolster CRKT’s already vast distribution network by getting knives into more gun stores, online gun retailers, and into the hands of more gun enthusiasts.  For Ruger, it’s an opportunity to expand its product line-up and tap into CRKT’s knife design resources and brand strength. CRKT says that initially the full line of knives will be available for sale on and at select major, national retail outlets.

CRKT isn’t the first knife company to partner with a firearms manufacturer.  Benchmade makes a line of knives with German defense company Heckler & Koch (H&K).

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