CRKT Showcases Michael Walker Collaboration Ahead of Blade

In the ramp up to Blade Show this weekend, we’re being gleefully bombarded by new knife announcements ahead of the summer’s biggest knife event. CRKT’s first salvo is a trio of premium models from world-famous knife craftsman Michael Walker.


First up is the Monument, a characteristically sleek design, with the same serene, subtle lines of Walker’s customs. The modified wharncliffe blade, upturned to give the tip a bit more clearance, provides all-purpose cutting utility, performance that is backed up by the blade steel which, on this version of the Monument, is M390. The titanium scales are anodized a low-key teal color, with a dragon scale jigged portion functioning as an inlay; this inlay is a brighter turquoise color. The oversized pivot is another eye-catcher, made form Bluetongue pattern Damasteel. Like all three of these collaborations, the Monument is a liner lock – which is to be expected considering, y’know, Walker is credited with inventing the mechanism in the first place.

There’s a second Monument releasing alongside the first. The design is the exact same but CRKT and manufacturing partner LionSteel have played up the premium feel. The second Monument keeps the Bluetongue Damasteel pivot, but adds in a Damasteel blade, Rose pattern here. The titanium scales here have a monochrome gray/silver coloration that echoes the colored striations on the blade and pivot.


According to CRKT, the Pursue [see feature image] is a visual homage to Walker’s zipper knives – customs with blades made from a welded “zipper” between a steel edge and a titanium spine. All of Walker’s custom work is sought after, but the zipper pieces may be the rarest, most sought after of all. To be clear the Pursue is not a production zipper knife, merely a tribute to the form some of those knives took. Here, the steel is Super Dense Twist pattern Damasteel, the blade a handsome drop point, opened with a thumb stud. The handle might be the star of the show, with both scale sbeing made from 3D contoured Dark Matter Fat Carbon.

The Walker collaborations are all limited edition pieces available direct from CRKT. They will be at Blade Show this weekend. Maybe other new CRKT stuff will be there too?

Knife in Featured Image: CRKT Pursue

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