Top Modder Burglarized: ‘They took all the scales and knives’

Early this morning, the workshop of knife modifier Cuscadi was burglarized. The thieves appears to have targeted the popular custom scale maker specifically: after smashing their way in they left with just the cutlery, ignoring Cuscadi’s valuable computer and camera equipment. “Those bastards left the mac, the cam and such but they took all scales and knives,” according to Cuscadi’s FaceBook post earlier today.

Cuscadi – a blend of the words ‘Custom Scale Division’ – is a German company that has made a name for themselves in the knife community by modifying production knives. In addition to offering fully custom scales and metal finishing, Cuscadi also sells ready-made parts for popular folders like glow-in-the-dark backspacers for the Spyderco Paramilitary 2, and Micarta scales for the Benchmade Mini-Griptilian.

Given the cost of a set of custom scales from Cuscadi, it’s likely that products worth thousands of dollars were taken in the burglary. Cuscadi’s consistent attention to detail and precision manufacturing has kept their work in high demand, so these stolen scales may soon show up on the secondary market. The story is still developing and details of what exactly was taken are not yet public, but Cuscadi is urging their customers to “keep your eyes open everywhere” for sales of the stolen goods.

Custom Scale Division

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