DAY 2 Highlights: SHOT Show 2016 Knives

You can follow Day 3 of the KnifeNews SHOT Show 2016 NewsFeed brought to you by – brands on deck for Thur/21 include ESEE, Zero Tolerance, H&K, Kershaw and Boker.

Day 2 of the KnifeNews SHOT Show NewsFeed brought to you by started with a visit to Buck Knives, who are rolling out a number of new fixed blades and folders this year. By popular demand, Buck is bringing back the Selector, it features swap-able non-disposable blades. Right now Buck is offering a choice of three blades, with the possibility of introducing more in the future. For 2016, Buck also is offering a tanto-bladed variant of their popular Marksman, and a few new multi-tools made specifically for bowhunters.

After winning Field & Stream’s “Best of the Best” award last year for their SwitchPlier, SOG’s multitool line is seeing some new variants this year: the PowerPlay and the Reactor, which both come in under 4 oz. and $80.

Spyderco has two booths at SHOT Show this year. There is central one where most of the Spyderco family can be found meeting enthusiasts and customers, and a smaller one devoted to their OpFocus Military / Law Enforcement programs.

If you haven’t thought of a reason to come to Atlanta in June for the 35th Anniversary of Blade Show – visiting the Spyderco prototype cases should be enough to entice you. About 40 Spyderco prototype knives were contained in two glass cases. Production prototypes, experimental designs that may never make it into the production schedule, and full customs straight from knife makers’ shops awaiting the go-ahead from Spyderco. The cases are strictly for Spyderco fans who are offered the chance to hold and spyderflick the knives to their hearts content. Spyderco celebs including Eric Glesser and Sal Glessser are nearby in case you have a question or feedback. But don’t reach for a camera near these cases, especially if Spyderco’s self defense expert and designer Michael Janich is nearby. No pictures, but we can tell you that we spotted the compression lock Sage 5, the Paramilitary 3, a production sample of the Gayle Bradley Tac 1 flipper, and possible upcoming designs from Marcin Slycz and Peter Carey. It’s clear that Spyderco’s pipeline is loaded with enough to keep hungry fans well fed for the foreseeable future.

The CRKT Booth was another highlight of day 2. Knifemakers Ken Onion and Flavio Ikoma, co-inventor of the IKBS bearing pivot system, were both there meeting fans. CRKT’s 2016 lineup reaffirms their commitment to bringing innovative yet affordable designs to the market, with a number of exciting custom collaborations and a relaunch of the Fulcrum, a knife with a unique opening mechanism found nowhere else.