Dirk Pinkerton Adds Tiny EDC Knife to Kansept Lineup

Dirk Pinkerton is back with yet another incoming production model, this time in collaboration with young knife brand Kansept. The Main Street shows Pinkerton’s flexibility as a designer, emphasizing much smaller proportions compared to some of his other recent work.

Compared to his freshest releases with Artisan, the Main Street is much smaller. It is probably most comparable to the Kizer Shard, with a blade that is under three inches long and, by the Pinkerton’s admission, designed for everyday carry. The blade shape is always a highlight on Pinkerton’s work, and the reduced footprint on the Main Street definitely did not change that fact. Its stylish wharncliffe runs straight and true out to a needle-like point, and the two spine slopes give that little bit of Pinkertonian flair. Thumb studs on both sides of the blade provide the sole opening method on the Main Street.

The handle is as basic as can be. The only ergonomic details of note are the minor flare for the finger guard, and some top and bottom knurling on the back end. So far, on the prototypes in Pinkerton’s possession, we’ve seen G-10 in two different textures and carbon fiber for scale options. No weight has been given at this point but given the liner lock Main Street’s size you can count on it being under 3 oz. Instead of the usual stamped steel pocket clip, Kansept spiced things up on the carry front with a sculpted titanium one instead.

We’ve touched on Pinkerton’s major 2020 production streak before. There have been Pinkerton collabs in previous years but now he’s really putting his work out there on a demonstrably increased scale. Are there any more Pinkerton production pieces planned for the balance of 2020?

According to Pinkerton, additional details on the Main Street, including price and availability, are coming soon.

Knife in Featured Image: Kansept Main Street

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