James Brand Returns to Slipjoint Field with the Pike

James Brand is back with a new release, the Pike. This is the latest non-locking folder from James, and is a subtle evolution of the County, the company’s first slipjoint design.

The County came out in 2017, bringing together the enduring slipjoint concept and James’s trendy, aesthetics-forward design philosophy. It was a clean, concise entry in the “modern traditional” format that was wildly popular a few years ago and still desirable now.

On an immediate visual level, the Pike recalls the County, and James itself has confirmed that it replaces that knife in their lineup. But they are quick to point out the Pike is an evolution of its forbearer, and the changes begin most obviously with the blade. The County had a sodbuster-esque bullnose blade shape, but the Pike opts for a wharncliffe. It’s a little bit shorter than the County’s blade, measuring 2.3 inches long, but the shift in length shouldn’t affect the remit at all: this is an EDC in the classic sense of the term. The steel is once again 12C27N, which isn’t the fanciest stainless in the world, but offers well-rounded performance, particularly in a knife of this size.

More, but subtler, revisions can be seen on the handle. The same cigar shape is being used, but now the stainless steel construction is visible around the entirety of the handle, and both scales have been contoured for improved ergonomics. The steel liners encircle a cover that is available in green canvas Micarta, rosewood, or black G-10. The Micarta and rosewood options both have a shield at the butt end of the show side handle, but the G-10 model, which also sports black-coated liners, goes entirely without. The Pike is designed for in pocket carry and doesn’t have a clip. It weighs 2.1 oz.

This is the first new knife from James Brand in a while. Their last major spate of releases came at the tail end of 2019, with the Clovis, Duval, and Carter all coming out in quick succession.

The Pike is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: James Brand Pike