Elijah Isham and Bestech Scale Up the Reticulan

The Reticulan, Elijah Isham‘s small EDC design for Bestech, is getting a line expansion in the form of a larger – but still reasonable for EDC – model. The new Reticulan Medium keeps virtually all the details of its littler predecessor.

Isham’s knives vary in size, but he hasn’t designed many production blades that approach the diminutive size of the original Reticulan. It had a blade length of just 2 inches, and although was a full-featured premium knife with a sculpted titanium clip, it was small enough and light enough to be carried around the neck with an included Kydex neck sheath. Even at this particularly small scale, however, it was in all ways an Isham design, with the flowing lines, multifaceted milling, and organic but still useful blade shape that are recognizable elements of his work.

Everything about the Reticulan is carried over onto the medium version – just scaled up. The Reticulan Medium has a blade length of 3.25 inches – a reasonable size by most accounts, but a significant jump in length over the original. The little Reticulan was a fairly capable blade, but with the added length on the Medium model, there isn’t much that will be beyond its capabilities in the day-to-day EDC realm.

The opening methods are unchanged: you can deploy the Reticulan with its flipper tab or opening hole. The steel has been kept the same as well: S35VN. The original Reticulan also came out in a Damascus configuration, but at this point Bestech has not revealed any corollary release for the Medium model. One other minor change is that, so far, we’ve only seen the Reticulan with a black blade coating; whether there will be satin finished models as well remains to be seen.

The handle scales are also much as they were. That means full titanium construction front and back, with a frame lock and a stainless steel insert to prevent any long term wear and tear. A sculpted titanium pocket clip rounds out the list of features, and this time around there will be no Kydex sheath included given the scaled up size. That being said, the Reticulan Medium is eminently carryable with a weight of 3.61 ounces.

Bestech has yet to provide a price or a release date for the Reticulan Medium.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech Reticulan Medium