ESEE Counterfeits: eBay’s fake survival knives don’t cut it

“We’re just a little guy – the entire industry is stricken with this,” says ESEE co-owner Mike Perrin, referring to cheap counterfeits seeping into the marketplace.  Today, the company issued a warning that counterfeit ESEE-3s are being sold on eBay and Amazon.  “The steel and heat treat in all the counterfeits we have received is terrible,” the company warns.  Perrin confirmed that the knives, which are aesthetically very similar to a real ESEE-3, won’t stand up to the kind of hard-use conditions that the knives are designed for.

“eBay’s response has been that it’s not their responsibility”

“Most of the sellers are on eBay,” he said. “That’s where 90% of the counterfeits we run into are being sold, and a few on Amazon.”  Perrin expressed frustration with the counterfeiters, and the American companies who profit from their sale: “I’ve talked to eBay. I’ve called them, and eBay’s response has been that it’s not their responsibility to police the counterfeiting on their site.  That is absolutely infuriating coming from a US based company.”

$1.7 Trillion in 2015 or about 7% of the global economy

To be sure you are getting the real thing, ESEE suggests always checking their authorized dealer page to find a legitimate retailer. The International Chamber of Commerce estimates counterfeiting and piracy could amount to as much as $1.7 Trillion in 2015 or about 7% of the global economy.

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