New ESEE Tertiary: The Izula Goes Tactical

ESEE surprised visitors to their Blade Show booth with the Tertiary, an unexpected new mid-year release that turns one of its most popular designs on its head. Using the ingredients of ESEE’s popular Izula model, the Tertiary rearranges its handle and blade into a push dagger inspired by the needs of Police Officers.

The Tertiary takes the familiar DNA of the Izula and tweaks it into a single-minded self defence weapon. “The idea came from Lee Smith, of the Florence, Alabama SWAT team,” says ESEE owner Mike Perrin. It was designed for a highly specific need: last-ditch emergency defense of a sidearm. “If a perpetrator goes for an officer’s gun – which does happen more than I realized – one hand goes to the gun to keep it,” says Perrin. “The other hand needs to be able to fend off the attack. A backup to a backup – that’s the idea,” he says.

The Tertiary rides just as well in a waistband as it does on a duty belt, in the exact same ambidextrous sheath as the Izula. According to Perrin, its perpendicular handle makes it low-profile and comfortable to carry. “It rides low enough that you hardly even notice the handle – it’s not sticking up high in the air like a typical fixed blade,” he says. At 5″, the Tertiary cuts 20% off the overall length of a conventional Izula.

And when it’s needed, the Tertiary is as easy to pull as a ripcord. “Just yank and it’s out,” says Perrin. “In a rush of adrenaline your hand can slide off a conventional handle but the Tertiary has an extremely positive grip.” The Tertiary is a departure from the more utilitarian tools that ESEE is known for. The perpendicular grip that facilitates thrusting isn’t optimal for everyday cutting and its sharpened swedge won’t help to process wood. As Perrin points out: “The Tertiary is strictly a defensive weapon, it’s not a utility tool.”

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The Izula Tertiary will be available with or without G-10 handle scales. Anyone who pre-orders the knife won’t have to wait long. Tertiaries are already on their way to ESEE dealers across the country.

Knife featured in image: ESEE Izula Tertiary