Extrema Ratio Caps Off Busy 2015 with New Knife

Italian knife maker Extrema Ratio released another new knife this week, capping off a busy 2015 that saw major growth for the company. “Their sales continue to grow in the United States each year,” says Jeff Woods, who leads the purchasing at Virginia based wholesaler Blue Ridge Knives. The new T4000S is a 7″ bladed tanto fighting knife and big brother to the more stout T4000C, introduced in August.

Extrema Ratio knives are simultaneously rugged and refined, with an angular design language and modern, tactical look that is instantly recognizable. Their knives come with a high price tag and it’s sometimes a challenge to find them in North America. But according to Woods, they offer quality that buyers tend to hold onto. “It’s a brand that we very seldom ever have a return or warranty issue with,” he says.

Tactical Straight Razor

The company had jaws dropping with the March launch of its T-Razor, a tactical straight razor. It’s Extrema Ratio’s reinterpretation of an old Italian straight razor: a sturdy liner lock instead of a friction fit, but comes in an Austrian Bohler N690 stainless blade steel and the company’s characteristic angular look. The knife resembles a traditional folding straight razor in every way, down to the extended tang protruding from the handle when closed, but the T-Razor isn’t intended for shaving. EDCing straight razors, has been a tradition among some Italian men since knives with a pointed tip were outlawed over a century ago. The T-Razor was so popular, it quickly sold out in the US, but Woods is expecting another production run soon. “Hopefully the T-Razors will be in our next shipment,” he says.

Kitchen Tactical

It’s not often that the words ‘kitchen’ and ‘tactical’ are used together, but Extrema Ratio’s kitchen cutlery are as tactical as it gets. Released in April of this year, the knives ship with a sheath, have the same mil-spec handle as Extrema Ratio’s fixed-blade fighting knives, and come in a desert camo option. Some of the knives, like the menacing Genovese cleaver or Waki tanto-bladed carving knife, may be better suited for use on the battlefield than in your kitchen. Other knives in the series are more straightforward, like pairing and chef’s knives.

Tactical Goes Hunting

The fall saw another slew of releases from the company including the Dobermann IV and IV S Africa, extending its line of Dobermann Knives into the hunting category with new patterns, re-sizing, and finishing.

In October, Extrema Ratio released the A.S.F.K., a knuckle-guard trench knife designed for and adopted by the Comando Forze Speciali Esercito Italiano, the Italian Special Forces.


Knife featured in image: Extrema Ratio T-Razor

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