This stubby knife handle thinks you’ve been holding your kitchen knives all wrong

Chefs are taught that a ‘pinch grip’ is the correct grip to use on a knife. By squeezing the base of the blade between the thumb and index finger, chefs gain better control of knives for speedy slicing, dicing, and chopping in the kitchen.

The problem is kitchen knives are made with a long handle that encourages the use of a hammer grip. They are designed to make the wrong grip seem natural and intuitive to everyday users.

Start-up FINI Cutlery aims to teach us to abandon the hammer grip with a line of kitchen¬†knives that are designed to make the wrong grip impossible. FINI knives offer the same blade lengths as traditional chef’s knives but come with a really short handle.

The stub also changes the weight distribution of the knife. This provides the user with a more consistent feel and speeds up cutting in both directions according to the company.

Founder of FINI Cutlery, Peter Rigas’ new knives have caught the attention of people with serious kitchen cred. New York Restaurateur Michael Psilakis, a Michelin Star Chef and frequent guest on cooking shows, is one of FINI Cutlery’s big name backers. “I knew immediately when Peter gave me this prototype that we had something special here,” said Psilakis. “I think that this knife is going to revolutionize the way we use knives in the kitchen.”

To get things off the ground, FINI Cutlery turned to the crowd sourcing website KickStarter. Not even half way through the campaign, FINI has already surpassed their funding objective with 290 backers and counting.


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