First Impressions: A.G. Russell Light’n Bug

The A.G. Russell Light’n Bug checks a lot of boxes for its price, but has been flying under the radar since the release. Is this one of the best-kept knife secrets of the year? We’ve been carrying one to find out. Here are our impressions.

Lightweight, Upscale, and Well-Finished
You can’t appreciate just how light the Light’n Bug is until you hold it. With a 2.5” blade and an overall length of 6”, it’s hard to believe this knife weighs under an ounce. The contoured CF scales won’t damage the material of your dress clothes. It even fits into a coin pocket with room to spare. Our only complaint is that it’s so light it’s easy to forget you’re even carrying it.

The Light’n Bug’s black CF is complemented by Ti-coated gold hardware. A blue anodized titanium liner lock and pocket clip round out the package with panache. The upscale looks won’t satisfy all moods and circumstances, but it’s perfect for any special occasion and won’t raise any eyebrows when you use it.

A.G. Russell has said that every AGR brand knife that comes into the shop is inspected for quality, and it’s hard to find fault with our particular Light’n Bug. Both of the CF scales are smooth and void-free. The Ti coating on the hardware and blade is neat and even. The pivot is smooth and snappy. This is a $75 knife that feels like it should cost a lot more.

The Light’n Bug blade is made from 8Cr13MoV. The steel offers adequate performance across the board, but this classy knife cries out for something better like 154CM or S30V. That being said, on a knife that you don’t carry every day 8Cr13MoV gets the job done, keeps the price down, and can be touched up with ease.

A full grip isn’t necessary for the cutting tasks you would use the Light’n Bug for, but the ergonomics are squared away on this little blade. It manages to accommodate all four fingers. A cutout provides easy disengagement of the (very stable) liner lock.

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This is an affordable gent’s folder, designed by an industry legend. With the holidays around the corner, this is a great knife to carry at family gatherings. It’s discreet, useful, and incredibly light. Pick one up for those occasions when you need something dressy, or are around people who might not react well to a larger blade.

Knife featured in image: A.G. Russell Light’n Bug