First Impressions: Mora Eldris EDC Neck Knife

After a long wait, the Mora Eldris is trickling out to North American dealers. You can finally get your hands on one of the last big releases of the year. And with a street price that starts at just $22, the Eldris is a knife that almost anybody can afford. Ever since its debut at the IWA Outdoor show earlier this year, we’ve wondered how this pint-sized contender from one of the fixed blade heavyweights would hold up. After some hands-on time with the Eldris, here are our observations.

Blade Shape, Cutting Performance, and Ergonomics
The Eldris gets a lot done with its 2.3” 12C27 blade. The compound grind gives you two very different cutting edges for added versatility. At the base of the blade, the edge is thicker for when stability and leverage are key – like for whittling wood. Fine slicing and detail work are a breeze with the thinner grind on the belly and tip. We were impressed by what this stubby little drop point could do. It feels like you’re cutting with a much bigger knife.

Many small fixed blades sacrifice ergonomics for size, but not the Eldris. Its barrel-shaped handle allows for a full four-finger grip, and is comfortable no matter how you hold it. With the center of gravity in the middle of the handle, the Eldris is balanced to give complete control over the blade. The rubberized outer edge stays grippy even in wet conditions.

Is the Neck Knife Kit Worth It?
In any configuration, the Eldris is an affordable knife. But if you choose to get the Neck Knife Kit rendition, you are tacking on another 10 to 15 dollars. It comes with a length of paracord, a small fire starter, and a secondary retention strap for the sheath. Many prospective Eldris owners are probably asking themselves: is it worth the extra money?

We found the Eldris a little too chunky to be an ideal EDC neck knife. It was much easier to carry it in the pocket. Still, the fire starter and retention strap would both be handy to have on hikes and camping trips. Ultimately it comes down to what you want the Eldris for. The Neck Knife Kit can make it into a great little outdoors blade, but if you’re interested in the Eldris for EDC, the standard configuration will suit you just fine.

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A New Mora Category, New Possibilities
There is a healthy cottage industry of aftermarket add-ons for Mora knives. As people get their hands on the Eldris we expect to see a lot of creative accessories and modifications. A pocket clip for the sheath or a custom carabiner would be welcomed.

Fans have been asking for an EDCable Mora knife for a long time. We think the Eldris was well worth the wait. It is a true extension of Mora’s product line, while retaining the affordability, durability, and utility that makes their knives so highly regarded. With the holiday season on the horizon, the Eldris is a stocking stuffer that won’t disappoint.

Knife featured in image: Mora Eldris