Flippy Knife Phone Game Off to Promising Start

Yesterday saw the release of Flippy Knife, the first phone game to feature branded knives. This freemium iOS and Android app already features the products of 15 knife makers including Cold Steel, and Olamic Tactical, with plans to add more in the future.

Flippy Knife is a physics-based game in which players choose a knife and attempt to hit different kinds of targets using flick-style controls similar to the Angry Birds games. Players earn coins in the game’s three play modes (or buy them through the in-game store), then purchase different knives to play with. Alongside more generic offerings like a pirate’s cutlass are well-known knives including the Cold Steel Frenzy, Hawk Knives Deadlock, Brian Tighe Fighter, and the Olamic Swish.

During development of the game, Oleg Beresnev, the man behind Flippy Knife, approached knife makers, asking if they wanted to have their knives make an appearance in the app. Beresnev hopes to attract other makers into the game. “Participation in our project is free. We would be happy to expand the amount of knives in our game with individual artists, and also big names like Victorinox and Leatherman.” Beresnev makes money through advertising and selling players virtual knife upgrades ranging in price from $3.99 to $19.99.

“It was interesting that they made a knife-related game,” Eugene Solomonik of Olamic tells us. A purple Swish is one of the premium knives, available for 2000 coins or in a $3.99 virtual knife box. “I thought it would be excellent, non-standard exposure,” he continues. “I’ve got a couple of messages already. People say, ‘I’m saving up for the Swish in real life, but for now I can buy the one in the game.'”

Beresnev launched the game by partnering with YouTube celebrity ‘Chad Wild Clay’ . It’s clear that when Chad Wild Clay speaks his 1.7 million subscribers listen. 24 hours after posting a video introducing Flippy Knife (shown below), the game has been downloaded 20,000 times with hundreds of Chad Wild Clay fans flooding the App Store and Google Play Store with positive reviews.

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The artwork, especially the knife depictions in Flippy Knife are impressive, but the current game format probably won’t hold your attention for more than a couple of minutes. Beresnev tells us he plans to offer ongoing support for his game including an incoming addition to the arcade mode. “We have many ideas about new modes and updates.”