Flytanium to Introduce Titanium Griptilian Scales Ahead of Branded Knives in 2017

Benchmade’s award-winning G-10 Griptilian upgrade was clearly a hit this year, but if you’ve been dreaming of a full titanium Griptilian, Flytanium has you covered. The Griptilian is joining the Spyderco Para Military 2, Kershaw Skyline, and the Benchmade 51 as a platform for the company’s premium handle scale offerings. Mini Griptilian scales are also under consideration, and Flytanium-branded knives are in development.

The scales are designed for the full-size polymer-handled Griptilian. A set of barrel standoffs is included with each pair of scales to convert the closed construction of the original to a flow-through design. The 3D-contoured handle scales are comfortable, durable, and easier on the pocket than the original polymer. The high-end, contoured look is enhanced by angled cuts to create a flowing design.

When we interviewed TJ Schwarz for our Design Minds series, the busy entrepreneur forgot to mention he found time to work with Flytanium on these impressive scales. Flytanium founder Jacob Knudsen says that Schwarz was a natural choice as the designer because of his attention to detail and penchant for visual acuity. “Schwarz has a strong aesthetic,” says Knudsen. “These scales aren’t anything radical, but very subtle.”

Flytanium’s inaugural offering was replacement scales for the Benchmade 51 balisong. These scales added weight to make the 51 a better flipping balisong. “Our very first product was strictly designed around enhancing performance.” Flytanium currently offers scales for several knives in titanium, carbon fiber, and even brass and copper.

Do It Yourself (DIY) modifications are relatively budget-friendly while still appealing to the user’s desire for a pimped out knife. “Buying and installing scales yourself saves you money and still makes your knife unique,” says Knudsen. He reckons even the knife companies themselves benefit. “I feel like it’s good for the industry. The option for custom scales might make someone buy a knife they otherwise wouldn’t.”

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The Griptilian scales are nearing completion and pricing is being worked out. The Utah-based company has plans that go beyond its current offerings and Knudsen revealed that multiple Flytanium-branded knives are in the works for 2017.

Knife featured in image: Benchmade Griptilian w/ Flytanium scales