Most Strain on Relationships: Football or Knife Addiction?

For fans of the NFL, it’s the time of year we’ve been waiting for – the best teams battle it out until just one team gets to raise the Vince Lombardi Trophy in early February. It’s an intense time, and it can put a strain on relationships when your partner doesn’t share the same passion. But which is more likely leave you single: a football or knife addiction?

Knives Don’t Keep You Couch-Locked From September to January

When the season kicks off in September, die-hard fans are locked in. In a given week there are several games that are tough to miss. Mondays, Saturdays, and Sundays are booked solid for five months. Wives and girlfriends – if they don’t share their partner’s enthusiasm for the game – may quickly tire of this rowdy, demanding houseguest. After all, Football season can change a man; hogging the remote, keeping him glued to the television, subsisting on a diet of finger-foods, and making him capable of conversation only during commercial breaks. The occasional overtime game and fantasy football only make matters worse.

Knife Clicking: Does Your Wife / Girlfriend Suffer from Misophonia?

The repetitive clicking of a knife opening and closing, opening and closing, may also drive loved ones up the wall. According to experts, there is a name for this sensitivity to sound – your wife or girlfriend may be suffering from a condition known as Misophonia. The bad news is there isn’t a cure or medication that can alleviate the symptoms. The good news is that a support group on FaceBook exists. Some specialists recommend cognitive behavioral therapy including exposing Misophonia sufferers to the sounds they have an aversion to so they can eventually cope with the sound. So, the disease is also the cure.

According to our survey data, 77% of respondents believe that buying knives is like an addiction, with 35% admitting that they sometimes conceal new knife purchases from loved ones. The cost of a quality knife can be hard to explain to someone outside the addiction. According to a study conducted by Kansas State University, conflicts over money can indicate real problems in a relationship. “Arguments about money [are] by far the top predictor of divorce,” said researcher Sonya Britt. “It’s not children, sex, in-laws or anything else. It’s money — for both men and women.”

Knife featured in image: Spyderco PITS Slipjoint Blue Titanium