G7 in Progress: Just don’t call it a ‘knife show’.

For most of us, Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial end of summer. But for thousands of knife enthusiasts and 150 exhibitors it marks the 7th USN Gathering at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

G7 is not a knife show or a trade show or an exhibition, the USN Gathering is.. well.. a gathering. “It’s more of a family social event than it is a trade show,” Larry Brahms the USN Gathering’s promoter told The Outdoor Wire “.. and it’s not just blades – it’s flash-lights, gear and leather goods, too.”

The USN Gathering is hosted by the Usual Suspects Network (USN) – a popular internet forum, started in 2002 by a group of friends who were really into Emerson Custom Knives.

Part of what makes the show different is the layout. There are no dead spots that attendees have to apologetically dodge. “The Gathering is set up in intimate quads, where a novice and two established makers or suppliers will join a major maker,” say the Usual Suspect Network. The quad set-up ensure an even flow of customers since each quad has strong drawing power.

And for exhibitors at the show, it’s not just about building a clientele, but it’s also a chance to build relationships with your quad mates.

To check in on what’s happening this weekend at the USN Gathering check out the #USNGathering7 hashtag on instagram.

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