Gerber Creates New Savvy Model for the Enthusiast Community

Gerber has turned its gaze once again towards the enthusiast sector with a new knife called the Savvy. Available in both the standard line and through Gerber’s custom shop, the Savvy aims to please diehard knife nerds with quality materials, trend-conscious design, and their take on a popular lock mechanism.

According to the Gerber literature, the Savvy’s intended to be an intuitive, flexible, comfortable user. There are lots of different elements in its design that speak to these goals, none more so than the blade. Say what you want about Gerber, they’ve been quite in tune with blade shape trends; so we see the Savvy packing a 3.5-inch wharncliffe blade, modified just a tad to turn the traditional straight cutting edge into something with a bit more belly to it. Opened with a thumb stud, it’s made from CPM-20CV steel. A modern super steel in the Gerber lineup isn’t the shock that it would’ve been a few years ago, but it’s still an uncommon sight and a performance-friendly way for the Savvy to establish its bonafides.

There are three “standard” variations of the Savvy in addition to the Custom options

And then there’s the handle, a dead simple profile in line with other Gerber knives like the Fastball, with a low-key finger guard and selective, mild chamfers to help with indexing. The Savvy comes with scales made from either aluminum, the cheaper option, or marbled carbon fiber, which adds $60 to the cost but comes with that premium cachet. The front and back scales are able to 100% identical, thanks in party to what Gerber calls the “Pivot Lock,” their particular take on the Axis Lock-style ambidextrous slide mechanism. Bronze washers are underneath the hood, and the loop-over pocket clip can be swapped to either side.

Gerber says the Savvy is produced in small batches in their U.S. shop, and as such it is an option for customization. You can pick from a few different colors of aluminum, have the blade coated or laser etched, coat the clip or leave it satin; it’s not the most extensive sweet of customization options we’ve seen from Gerber or other manufacturers, but it does give the Savvy an additional layer of collectible cool.

In both preconfigured or custom order form, the Savvy is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Gerber Savvy (Custom)