Gerber Delivers the Ultralight Goods with the Assert

Gerber has just debuted a new premium folder called the Assert. The Assert looks like a knife designed to be a rugged, accommodating, ultralight everyday carry knife, and it has an unusual adjustable deployment method in addition to impressive specs.

When you see a blade length of 2.98 inches, your mind immediately thinks “everyday carry;” and that is exactly what the Assert looks ready to be. The drop point blade is a classic, intuitive shape, amenable and flexible, and should be a handy companion for both urban- and outdoors-focused lifestyles – especially the latter, given its featherweight status (see below). The blade steel is the venerable S30V. It still feels weird pointing out S30V’s age, but it is without a doubt two generations behind now in terms of super steels. That being said, this elder statesman is still pretty super, holding an edge for a long time and being admirably rust resistant.

The deep carry pocket clip is reversible, too

The Assert’s S30V blade is opened with a thumb stud, set inside of a cutout. The thumb stud can be slid back in forth in the cutout to set it at the ideal distance from each user’s thumb, or even removed entirely; the cutout ensures that even without the stud the Assert will open easily with one hand. The lock is Gerber’s Pivot Lock, an Axis-like, which helps the Assert win the “100% Lefty Friendly” stamp of approval.

Other than the complex Pivot Lock underneath, the Assert’s handle is nice and simple. It’s made from two slabs of weight-saving GFN, which have been honeycombed on the inside to shave off a few micro-ounces and help the Assert achieve its impressive 1.87 oz. weight. Finally, a reversible deep carry pocket clip rounds out the ultralight package quite nicely.

One other thing to note is that the Assert is already part of Gerber’s customization line. Gerber’s isn’t the most expansive knife customization service out there – it doesn’t offer additional steels or anything like that for the Assert – but it gives customers a lot of options when it comes to tweaking the visual appearance of their new knife.

The Assert is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Gerber Assert

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