Grayman Boosts Fixed Blade Lineup, Adds Stainless Steel Options

Grayman Knives is expanding their fixed blade stable with the institution of stainless steel options for certain models. Among the new variants are their two latest fixed blade releases, the Dua FX and Suenami 4.

Normally, a Grayman fixed blade comes with a chisel ground blade made from 1095 carbon steel – traits chosen specifically so the knives can best fill the role of hard use cutting tools. The new stainless options swap out 1095 for 440C stainless, and also reconfigure the chisel grind for a more conventional double bevel V-edge. The knives receiving a stainless variation include the Ground and Mega Pounder series as well as the Dua FX and the Suenami 5 and 4.

According to Mike Grayman, the choice of 440C – as opposed to other, newer stainless super steels – was not one he made lightly. Grayman cites an impromptu destruction test between a 440C knife and another sporting a more trendy steel in influencing his skepticism towards the latest and greatest. “It was meant to demonstrate the superiority of the more ‘modern’ steel.  Surprisingly for all of us in attendance, the 440C proved to be the sole survivor.”

So Grayman tested multiple steels over the years and found that performance came down to many different factors. “Often, the type of steel is hotly debated while the blade geometry and quality of heat treat are largely neglected,” he notes. “We found that U.S-made 440C provided excellent performance and strength while offering our customers a substantial value for their hard earned dollars.”

The Dua FX, one of the knives in 440C, is a new for 2019 Grayman model. It’s a fixed blade variation of their Dua folder, and in the transition to this new genre it’s sporting some new dimensions. The original folder’s blade measured about 3.25 inches; the FX shrinks things down just a bit to a 3 inch edge – although part of its overall length is now comprised of a large finger choil right behind the blade itself. A full tang knife, the full flat-ground FX’s handle scales are made from G-10 and it comes with a Kydex sheath.

Grayman Knives Dua FX

A new generation of the Suenami 4 also released this year. The previous version had a straightforward, no-frills handle, but this latest version, like the Dua FX, incorporates a sizable forward choil for added control over the 4-inch blade.

Mike tells us to keep an eye peeled for more from Grayman in terms of steel experimentation. “Expect to see more limited run knives of various steels pop up on our website from time to time.  We always have something in the development pipeline.” 

Knife in Featured Image: Grayman Knives Suenami 4