Wingman Joins HEAdesigns’ Fleet

HEAdesigns is debuting its latest model, the Wingman. The new flipper brings the unmistakable HEAdesigns style into a mid-size wharncliffe format.

“I’ve been working on this for two years,” HEAdesigns Founder Sam Abdelrahman tells us. “I’ve never prototyped anything this much.” Designed to be a mid-size EDC blade, he outfitted the Wingman with an angular, 3.5-inch Wharncliffe blade. The new size falls right in between his previous releases, the Equilibrium and the Poison/Antidote pair. Abdelrahman loved the wharncliffe shape for its utility but knew he had to leverage his design know-how to make his take stand out. “If I was going to do something like that it had to be wildly different. Otherwise, what would be the point of doing it?”

HEAdesigns Wingman

The Wingman is an evolution of the angular, futuristic style last seen on the Poison and Antidote models. The titanium frame lock chassis is meticulously machined. Three different grind angles on the blade mirror three corresponding angles milled into the handle. All the places the hand makes contact with the frame are eased with careful chamfering. Even the interior enjoys extensive, three-dimensional milling. Five different eye-catching anodizations make the visuals pop. “It’s going to be that piece you pick up when you’re bored with all the other things you have,” Abelrahman says.

The HEAdesigns knives appeal to collectors because of their signature style, but the Wingman is meant to be used. Abdelrahman was careful not to let his desire for an attractive knife to get in the way of it being a tool. Wharncliffe blades have a deserved reputation for excellent utility cutting, and the Wingman’s S35VN edge is ready for work. “In terms of usability, I’ve been carrying the prototype for two years,” he tells us. “I feel like I know this blade better than any other before.”

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The collector angle isn’t being neglected either, however. Like all HEAdesigns products, the Wingman arrives in very limited quantities, with an added twist. Numbered custom copper challenge coins will be added to a randomly-selected 100 Wingman knives at no additional cost. With a total production run of fewer than 300 pieces, this addition increases collectability.

The knife comes in five different colors and HEAdesigns has started taking pre-orders.

Knife featured in image: HEAdesigns Wingman

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