Hinderer Debuts New Dauntless Collaboration at G10

Debuting at the tenth annual USN Gathering, Rick Hinderer Knives’ latest production model is Hinderer’s take on the Triple Aught Design Dauntless. Based on a custom version made more than a decade earlier, the new production version incorporates some changes, and blends Hinderer build quality with the iconic Dauntless design.

TAD’s Dauntless has seen many collaborative versions over the years. Everyone from Liong Mah to Brad Southard has reimagined the mid-size folder in their own personal styles. But few people know that Rick Hinderer was the very first collaborator on the Dauntless project. “13 years ago, TAD first came to me with the idea of the Dauntless, and that was just as I was really getting into the tactical market,” Hinderer explains.

Hinderer made several Dauntlesses by hand before embarking on the rest of his own career, but the new model echoes that original design. “It has been really cool to come back. All we had to do was smooth a few corners and bring the design up to date,” Hinderer notes. His new Dauntless’s blade is 3 inches compared to the original’s 3.5, and has been outfitted with updated hardware and Hinderer’s Tri-Way pivot.

Hinderer Dauntless in Titanium

Hinderer Dauntless in Titanium

According to Hinderer, he wanted to emphasize the in-hand comfort of the Dauntless with his particular riff. “I believe in great ergonomics in any pocket tool like a knife,” he explains. “The Dauntless design just allows for a very comfortable blade.” The knife’s well-known combination double finger choil/finger groove setup allows for users to have a lot of control, which is further emphasized by the shorter blade.

Though a collaboration, Hinderer views the Dauntless as an extension of his growing product line, and confirms that it should appeal to anybody who is a fan of his company. “It definitely has that Hinderer feel. People will recognize where it came from as soon as they pick it up.” He goes on to say that he’s proud to return to the Dauntless design, and thoroughly impressed with all of the takes on the knife that came after his original first attempt. “The Dauntless lends itself to interpretation, and I think every designer has done it justice.”

Hinderer estimates the first batch of Dauntlesses will arrive by mid-December. The knife will be available in both titanium and G-10 front scale versions. Prototypes will be available at G10, which is going on right now in Las Vegas.

Knife featured in image: Rick Hinderer Knives/TAD Gear Dauntless