Hinderer Knives Goes Old School with Vintage Series XM-18

Rick Hinderer Knives recently released the new Vintage Series. This limited numbers line dresses up the classic Hinderer XM-18, a modern folder through and through, in old school materials.

Hinderer users know the XM-18 has always been available in thoroughly modern materials: G-10, titanium, and a powder metallurgy steel. The Vintage XM-18 changes all that, with a total shift in to materials that are more, well, vintage. The biggest difference in terms of use will be the blade, which on the Vintage is made from O1 tool steel. O1 is a simple carbon steel, often compared favorable to standbys like 1095. Like most carbon steel O1 can soak up a beating, which should play well with the XM-18’s general hard use vibe. Hinderer has given the blade a Parkerized finish to help ward off the corrosion and rust carbon steels can invite.

The handle has always been fitted with something old school: walnut wood. This can be had in a smooth finish, similar to that on other high end knife inlays, but can also be had in a textured finish reminiscent of the stippling seen on Hinderer’s G-10 scales. The hardware has all been given an antique finish, but of course the liner and frame lock side remain made out of titanium.

Under the throwback hood, the Vintage is still a Gen 6 XM-18. That means all the little tweaks and advancements that have been made to the knife over the years – most notably the Tri-Way Pivot, which took home an award at Blade Show 2018 – are present and accounted for. The Tri-Way Pivot ends the debate over the comparative merits of Teflon, phosphor bronze, and ball bearing washers by allowing users to swap between all three. Like other Gen 6 XM-18s the Vintage comes preconfigured with the ball bearing setup.

The Vintage XM-18 was only made with a spear point blade. Whether other variations will crop up in the future – or if other Hinderer Knives will get the Vintage treatment – remains to be seen.

Knife in Featured image: Hinderer Vintage Series XM-18