Hogue Brings Small Flipper, Tanto Fixed Blade, and More to Blade Show 2017

Hogue Booth

Following up their recently-announced OTF knivesHogue is maintaining a brisk flow of new products with several announcements at Blade Show 2017. The X-1 Micro is the first Hogue knife with a sub 3-inch blade and ironically the biggest news at the Hogue booth. But other announcements come in the form of a new tactical version of their EX-F01 fixed blade, the X5 series getting the automatic treatment, and limited editions of all their folding knife designs.

Hogue X-1 Micro
The Micro lives up to its name with a 2.75” blade that deploys on the same patent-pending button lock flipper mechanism seen on the X5. Hogue and designer Allen Elishewitz have experimented with some unique blade shapes before but for the Micro they opted for a simple drop point style. The knife’s aluminum chassis features milled out grooves and is available in five different colors. According to Hogue, the knife won’t be available for sale until after the show. It comes in with an MSRP of $159.

Hogue X-1 Micro

Hogue FX-01
Aggressive changes bring the FX-01 fixed blade into a more tactical role. A tanto blade shape and saw teeth on the blade spine give the already impressive field knife some extra attitude. The handle retains its wide, ergonomic grip and single finger groove. The FX-01 tanto comes with an auto-retention sheath similar to that seen on the EX-F02 dive knife, and will be available in three colors.

Hogue FX-01

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Specialized releases and adjustments to existing knives are also on display. Hogue is releasing the afforementioned EX-F02 dive knife, with a 410 steel blade and a neoprene leg strap sheath. The X5 series will expand with new automatic variants including the EX-A05 (shown below). Other than the altered deployment method the design remains the same. Limited edition variants of every Hogue folding knife design are also rolling out, with unique colorations and embellishments. The 34000 OTF was among the special editions, with a Red Lava Gmascus handle and Damascus blade.

Hogue EX-A05

Knife featured in image: Hogue X-1 Micro

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