Ivan Braginets Nods to Fellow Craftsman with the Bruns

Ivan Braginets is paying tribute to his fellow Ukrainian craftsman with his latest Real Steel collaboration, the Bruns. Named after a YouTuber machinist, the Bruns emulates the visual intricacy of its namesake’s work in ways that are both cosmetic and practical.

We’d hazard a guess that our readers, much like ourselves, spend a not inconsiderable amount of time on YouTube, checking out videos from the always-expanding galaxy of knife YouTubers. Well other fields of interest have their own celebrities, and one such personality in the world of hobbyist metalworking is Engineer BrunS. What started as a side project became a full-time gig, and now BrunS creates pieces to order as well as all sorts of things of wild things for his channel, from small metal puzzles to fidget spinners to a…..handmade cannon?

The Bruns knife, although clearly a Braginets design, wouldn’t be out of place on a shelf alongside some of Engineer BrunS’s work. The titanium handle, with its decorative, strut-like skeletonization, evokes the the jewel-like detailing on his puzzles and flashlights. But despite the visual pizazz, the handle proifle itself remains truly simple, a universal stick shape; the only element that breaks up this profile is a shallow dip to expose the edge of the frame lock for easy disengagement. The scales are made from titanium, which, along with all that skeletonization, make this is a very light knife: 2.75 oz. despite its mid-size proportions.

Yes, the Bruns can comfortably fall into the “EDC Plus” category with its 3.54-inch drop point blade. The shape is the ever popular drop point, here in a harmonious slender rendition that looks ready to handle just about anything; the VG-10 blade steel brings huge helpings of rust resistance on board, and, while nowhere near the current generation of super steels, can still hold its own when it comes to edge holding. A front flipper keeps the look streamlined and gives the Bruns that fidget factor.

The Bruns will be available soon. We also wish both Braginets and BrunS the best during this trying time for Ukraine.

Knife in Featured Image: Real Steel Knives Bruns