James Brand Expands Gear Repertoire with Compact Warrick Driver

James Brand’s latest project should please the general gear enthusiasts out there. It’s called the Warrick, a keychain-sized driver tool with an emphasis on quality components and a compact, sleek form factor.

Not all knife enthusiasts get enthused about the tools they use to maintain their tools – but, those who do take an interest in the maintenance side of the hobby quickly learn that, just as there are central, influential knife brands, so too are there “heavy hitters” for general tool manufacturers. And, in that world, Wiha is one of those central brands. Their bits are hardened like a blade edge would be, meaning they do not suffer from warping or get kinked out of shape like cheaper, common bits and driver heads might. It’s not something you think about naturally, perhaps, but once you try a quality, hardened bit head, it’s hard to go back.

Wiha itself began in Germany in the 40s, but found its foothold in North America in the 80s and 90s, and now its driver bits are a staple in any enthusiast-grade knife maintenance kit – although Wiha makes many bits besides the Torx ones most used in the knife world. In fact, the James Brand Warrick does not come with any Torx bits out of the box. The four included bits were chosen for their universality, addressing the most common needs in general, rather than of knife users in particular; and so it comes with Philips heads 1 and 2, and 4.5mm and 6.5mm flatheads.

Shaped almost like a pack of gum, the Warrick’s back end can be pulled out, revealing an interior frame that holds the four Wiha bits. The Warrick design is such that can fit any other Wiha bit (or any bit sized like a Wiha bit) into both the inside carrier frame and the tapered, magnetized driver end, so you can seek out your preferred set of four bits, best suited to your specific needs (the most common Torx sizes for knives are probably T6 and T8, for reference). Designed for lanyard (or keychain) carry, the Warrick weighs a scant 1.9 oz.

Featured Image: James Brand Warrick

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