Jared Price Teams up with Urban EDC Supply for First Production Knife

Urban EDC Supply continues to roll out models for their in-house collaboration series. The latest one is the Micro Shrike, a Jared Price of JRP Knife & Tool collab up for preorder now.

Maybe this is unsurprising for a company with the word “EDC” right in their name, but the Micro Shrike looks like it was designed from the ground up to be a premium, stylish EDC knife, perfectly sized for maximum capabilities while remaining small enough for discreet carry anywhere it’s legal. And while we’re on the subject of names, don’t be fooled by the “Micro” in “Micro Shrike;” this isn’t a big knife by any means, but with a blade length of 2.6 inches, it is nowhere near the dinky size of some other knives with micro monikers. A custom, standard size Shrike from Price comes in with a blade length aroud 3.3 inches, so the Micro is most certainly a step down from that. However, the family lineage is most certainly clear in the classy, modern clip point blade shape.

Each of the three Micro Shrike models comes with a different blade finish

The Micro Shrike is thumb stud deployment only, which gives it a nice streamlined profile when open. Recurring production knife favorite M390 is the blade steel on all three variations (about which see more below). M390 is to premium production knives what D2 is to budget-oriented ones: the current benchmark, setting minimum expectations for performance. And again, while M390 isn’t on cutting edge anymore, this last gen powder steel can still impress, especially in a light-to-medium EDC role.

Urban EDC is bringing out the Micro Shrike in a trio of configurations. All three models have a titanium off-side scale, with a frame lock and Ti clip where and how you’d expect to find them. The front scale can be had in titanium as well, or in one of two different colors of canvas Micarta; the OD green model comes with a dark acid wash blade finish, while the black Micarta model is fully blacked out, right down to the hardware.

Jared Price is a custom maker working on a small scale, so his books are currently closed. This is the first time one of his knives has seen any kind of production release as well. Urban EDC Supply is currently taking preorders.

Knife in Featured Image: Urban EDC Supply Micro Shrike

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