Jarosz Reveals Next Generation Woodsman

Jesse Jarosz has just released a complete redesign of his Woodsman fixed blade model. Along with the new look comes a new production process that should make the Woodsman one of the most affordable products in Jarosz’s lineup.

“It’s got a redesigned blade shape and handle so it’s not really the same knife,” Jarosz tells us. For this new generation of the Woodsman Jarosz drew up a handle better suited to long term use. Contoured Micarta handle scales will increase control and keep users’ hands comfortable during hard cutting.

The original Woodsman had a spear point blade, but Gen 2 has a more utilitarian 3.75-inch drop point and is now flat ground. “The flat grind is more applicable in woodcraft-type scenarios. It gives you a little more meat behind the edge,” Jarosz explains. He is making the Woodsman out of his standard AEB-L blade steel, a stainless that is easy to service even with basic equipment.

The Woodsman was a pure outdoors knife from the start. “Being an outdoorsman I really like using fixed blades,” says Jarosz. “Anybody who participates in those kinds of activities can tell you fixed blades are optimal for them.”


To keep it affordable, Jarosz is implementing a new production method to manufacture the Woodsman. “This knife is completely CNC-machined. This is the first time I’ve done that,” he says. An outside partner machines the blanks, and then each knife is sharpened and hand-fitted by Jarosz in his shop. This allows for a semi-custom feel at a price beneath many mass-produced knives and full Jarosz customs. “These will be significantly lower cost than any of the folders I make,” he says. “I’m trying to shift my whole vibe towards utilitarian knives. I’m really trying to push user-grade products.”

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The Jarosz Globetrotter, the custom original of the KA-BAR Globetrotter, is also being brought out with the new method. Expect it to follow a few weeks after the Woodsman and feature some minor tweaks including jimping on the spine, a flat grind similar to the Woodsman, and an adjusted handle. Jarosz himself often EDCs the Globetrotter and says that it’s a great option for an all-purpose cutter. “It’s just a plain jane blade with a very simple handle that lends itself to a number of different uses.”

The Woodsman will be available in several colors of Micarta. The base price is $179 and comes with a USA-made leather sheath. A final price for the Globetrotter has yet to be set, although Jarosz is aiming for something under $200, leather sheath included.

Knife featured in image: Jarosz Woodsman