Jason Clark Brings His Spanish Tip Razor to Bestech

Custom maker Jason Clark is the latest collaborator to join the Bestech ranks, and the mind behind its newest release. This new knife, called the Spanish Tip, is a production version of a Clark custom.

It’s obvious at a glance: the Spanish Tip is Clark’s take on the folding razor concept. Like most razor-style knives it has a straight cutting edge – originally for shaving, of course, but in the locking, folding format, intended for use in EDC cutting chores. As a Clark custom it exists in several forms, with different handle materials and other variations. The “Spanish Tip” is a traditional type of straight razor blade shape: it is distinguished by the inward curve on the “head” of the blade, creating a more acute point at the end of the edge.

For this production collaboration, Clark settled on a sizable blade length of 3.79 inches, which opens things up a bit in terms of what exactly this knife is capable of. An entry in Bestech’s growing premium category, the Spanish Tip’s M390 blade steel ensures a long-lived edge and high rust resistance; opening is achieved solely through a ball bearing flipper.

The handle is big and boxy, with two finger grooves behind the flipper tab-formed guard – a trait carried over directly from the custom models. The Spanish Tip has a titanium bolster, with a variety of materials available for the handle scale beneath: Micarta, G-10, and carbon fiber are all on offer. The carbon fiber on offer deviates from its traditional look, coming with either orange highlights or copper inserts to add a bit of pizzazz.

The carbon fiber models also lighten up the Spanish Tip just a tad, giving it a final weight of 4.62 oz.; the G-10 and Micarta versions, meanwhile, are about a tenth of an ounce heavier than that. All models come with the same loop over pocket clip.

Jason Clark has been making custom knives full time for just two years now. In that time, he has developed a small but focused portfolio of modern folders with bold blade shapes. In addition to the Spanish Tip razor, he has worked with American tantos, trailing points, and the Zulu-style spear point. This is his first production collaboration.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech Spanish Tip

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