Jon Graham Passes Away

Jon Graham, custom maker and knife designer, passed away late last week. Graham left an indelible mark on the knife community with his singular vision.

Graham was one of very few modern knife makers who can rightly claim to have created a truly new blade shape. His famous Razel takes characteristics from straight razors and chisels, blending them together to make something that looked deeply original, but worked as hard and as intuitively as traditional blade shapes.

The Razel was also a design that translated perfectly across the custom/production divide. A Graham Knives custom is incredible to behold, but the unique spirit of the Razel blade found a second welcome home in mid-tech and production releases, meaning that just about anyone could find a Graham design to fit their budget. New Graham designs were rolling out with CRKT as recently as last year.

Graham had been battling cancer for several years, a struggle he always publicly approached with candor and humor. Rest in peace, Jon.