KA-BAR and Jesse Jarosz Set out with a New, Bigger Turok for the Fall

KA-BAR and Jesse Jarosz just released a new version of their popular Turok fixed blade. This one is called the Camp Turok, and it sticks very closely to the design of the original while upping the blade length to shift the outdoor knife’s capabilities.

Based on a Jarosz custom, and named after a certain time-traveling dinosaur hunter, the Turok is a longstanding favorite in the KA-BAR fixed blade lineup. Like many Jarosz designs, it has a cool look, but the underlying profile is still simple enough that pretty much anybody can pick it up and know how to use it. Its 6.25-inch drop point blade slots nicely into the role of capable outdoor companion, and the dependable materials (1095 steel, polymer scales, Kydex sheath) ensure longevity and no unwanted surprises or maintenance issues.

Whenever a folding knife gets popular, you see people asking for bigger or smaller versions; this doesn’t seem to happen as often with fixed blades. However, with the Turok, KA-BAR fans clamored for a larger version, and that’s exactly what they delivered here, with almost no differences between the knives other than the obvious one of blade length. The Camp Turok’s 1095 blade measures 8 inches – a 1.75-inch gain over the original. That may not be the biggest ever jump up, but it’s enough to move the Camp Turok into a different outdoors knife genre that favors chopping, batoning, and other “big blade” chores. At the same time, the Camp Turok isn’t so much bigger that it can’t still do most of what its little brother could do, either.

A comparison between the two Turoks

Of course, the handle is also scaled up, but the profile remains exactly the same as it did on the first Turok. The Ultramid scale are the same, and have the same Jarosz logo embossed on them, and the cutout for the spine-situated lanyard loop is also present and accounted for. A bigger blade means a corresponding increase in weight, but KA-BAR hasn’t listed that spec for the new model yet (for reference, the original Turok weighs 11.8 oz.).

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new Jarosz/KA-BAR collaboration. The last model they worked on together was the Beartooth, a budget-priced folder also based on a custom Jarosz knife. The Camp Turok is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: KA-BAR Camp Turok