Kickstarter Roundup: Tiny Knives Edition

Kickstarter continues to develop as an important avenue for knife releases. The crowdfunding website provides a platform for even a lone new maker to get their product out in front of a potential audience. Although several Kickstarter projects have been covered in separate stories, here are a few more that are currently seeking funding. All three emphasize the superior portability of smaller blade profiles.

The Zoar is another entry into the growing “EDC fixed blade” genre. Some knives in this category retain larger fixed blade proportions, but a small, unobtrusive footprint is the name of the game for the Zoar. Its cleaver-style blade measures 1.666 inches long, and it has an overall length of just 4.173 inches. The Zoar has a humpback silhouette, with a handle that arches far above the center of the blade. Chunky jimping on the spine of that blade provides a place for the thumb or forefinger to rest during specific cutting chores as well. The Zoar is carried in a small Kydex sheath that can attach to your person with a snap-button loop or a Ulti Clip.

OZ Machine Company is the outfit behind the Zoar. Located in Attica, Indiana, Oz is a two-person business at this point. OZ’s first Kickstarter fell short of its final goal but the Zoar is nearly halfway to its humble $1500 goal with 22 days to go.

Merging a novelty form factor with an intriguing European steel selection, the sticKnife embodies the advantage that an eye-grabbing look brings to Kickstarter pitches. The general idea is a keychain friendly knife in a subdued, tube-like body – visually reminiscent of a chap stick in shape and proportion. The 1.77 inch blade can be ratcheted in and out via a twisting dial at the base of the sticKnife. Users have a choice for the blade shape: either a chisel-style blade or a stubby drop point. The blade can be had with Damascus steel or in Damasteel RWL34T – neither of which are conventional choices at the price point the sticKnife is being offered at.

The Ent. Barroso sticKnife has already surpassed its asking amount. Earlybird Backer tiers start at about $40.

StoneBlade Kiridashi Knife
A product approaching things from an entirely different angle (pun intended) is the StoneBlade Kiridashi. This handmade fixed blade emulates the traditional Japanese kiridashi utility knife. As such it has a short – just about 2 inches – cutting edge, with a choice between two different length handles. The entire StoneBlade Kiridashi is fashioned from 1095 carbon steel, and given a hammered or chiseled finish. Given the angled of the blade, it is available in both left- and right-handed configurations.

The StoneBlade is a collaboration between Empire Tactical and Origin Goods. The knives are made by Origin founder Marc Liss in his Winnipeg, Manitoba workshop. The goal has been reached with 33 days to go.

Knife in Featured image: OZ Machine Company Zoar

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